Sweet Little Jesus Boy

1) Sweet little Jesus boy,
born in a manger.
Sweet little holy child,
didn’t know who you was.
Didn’t know you come to save us, Lord;
to take our sins away.
Our eyes was blind, we could not see,
we didn’t know who you was.

2) Long time ago you was born.
Born in a manger low,
sweet little Jesus boy.
The world treat you mean Lord;
treat me mean too.
But that’s how things are down here,
we didn’t know it was you.

3) You done told us how,
we’re trying.
Jesus, you done showed us how,
even when you’re dying.
Just seem like we can’t do right,
look how we treated you.
But please please forgive us Lord,
we didn’t know it was you.

Text: Spiritual / Robert McGimsey 1934 / Klaus Heizmann 2009
Melodie: Spiritual / Klaus Heizmann 2009

Quelle: https://www.evangeliums.net/lieder/lied_sweet_little_jesus_boy.html