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Come near to me (My heart cries out for more of You Lord)

Come near to me, as I come near to You; Pour out Your mercy and Your grace. I need Your love, I...
Text: (1998)
Melodie: (1998)

How I love You (Jesus, Lamb of God)

Jesus, Lamb of God, I stand redeemed, Washed in Your blood. And in the holy place I’ll bow To...
Text: (1997)
Melodie: (1997)

I want to be holy, I want to be righteous

1) I want to be holy, I want to be righteous, I want to live my life the way You want me to. I...
Text: (1997), (1997)
Melodie: (1997), (1997)

Jesus is exalted

Jesus is exalted to the highest place, Seated at the right hand of our God. He reigns in power...
Text: (1999)
Melodie: (1999)

Oh our Lord and King (King Forever)

Ref.: Oh our Lord and King, Our praise to You we bring, There is no other Rock but You. Seated...
Text: (1997)
Melodie: (1997)

We look to You, Almighty God

We look to You, Almighty God, You are high and lifted up, You are sovereign over all That You...
Text: (2000)
Melodie: (2000)

When my heart is faint

When my heart is faint within me, And my troubles multiply, I will lift my head to see...
Text: (2000)
Melodie: (2000)