Es wurden 8 Lieder von Danny Plett gefunden.

Am Ende der Welt

Am Ende der Welt bist du nicht allein. Am Ende der Welt wird er bei dir sein. Am Ende der Welt...
Text: (1997)
Melodie: (1997)

For All Our Sorrows

1) For all our sorrow for all our grief For every sadness and unbelief For all our sickness sin...
Text: (2011)
Melodie: (2011)

How amazing you are in your beauty

How amazing you are In your beauty How awesome your blinding light Do I dare trust my words To...
Text: (2004)
Melodie: (2004)

My Heart Is Glad

Text: (2011)
Melodie: (2011)

Stand Here And Rejoice

And I will stand here and rejoice I lift up my hands I lift up my voice I will celebrate and be...
Text: (2004)
Melodie: (2004)

We Stand United

Text: (1987)
Melodie: (1987)

You Are Beautiful

1) Lovelier than the gentle breeze Mightier than the raging seas Much more than powerful You...
Text: (2000)
Melodie: (2000)