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Deep inside I'm crying out (Release me)

Everybody come now

Ref: Ev'rybody come now Ev'rything that lives In this wide wide world Ev'rybody...
Text: (2000)
Melodie: (2000)

Father of creation (Let Your glory fall)

1) Father of creation Unfold Your sov'reign plan Raise up a chosen generation That will...
Text: (1993)
Melodie: (1993)

Lord, I groan (There must be more)

Ref.: There must be more There must be more River flow fire burn Fire burn 1) Lord I groan...
Text: (1994)
Melodie: (1994)

Mercy is falling

1) Mercy is falling is falling is falling Mercy it falls like a sweet spring rain Mercy is...
Text: (1994)
Melodie: (1994)

There's a wind a blowin' (Oh sweet wind)

1) There's a wind a-blowing All across the land A fragrant breeze of heaven Blowin'...
Text: (1994)
Melodie: (1994)

Whom have I but You

Ref.: Whom have I but You Whom have I but You 1) Though the mountains fall They fall...
Text: (1996)
Melodie: (1996)