Es wurden 46 Lieder von Paul Oakley gefunden.

All around the world

All around the world There's a new day dawning, There's a sound coming...
Text: (1997)
Melodie: (1997)

Beauty unspoken

Beauty unspoken, Glory unchanging, Maker of the stars above. God uncreated, Made Yourself...
Text: (2007)
Melodie: (2007)

Brighter than the sun (All around Your throne)

All around Your throne, Rainbow colours fly through light, And heavy thunder rolls, And the...
Text: (1999)
Melodie: (1999)

Cover me like a river

Cover me like a river Rushing deep with life. Come to me like a lover Returning in the...

Crying out to You (I need You now)

I need You now, My King, my Love, I am more aware this clay Than of all Your power within. I...
Text: (1998)
Melodie: (1998)

Fire! There's a fire

Fire! There's a fire! Sweet fire burning in heart. (Repeat) And I will run with all of...
Text: (1995)
Melodie: (1995)

Glory that no eye has seen (Holy are You Lord)

Glory that no eye has seen The praise of all eternity You are Brighter shining than the Sun Far...
Text: (2008)
Melodie: (2008)