Es wurden 8 Lieder von Raymond Badham gefunden.

Adonai (Ever I will sing)

1) I lift my voice I lift my praise to You I lift my hands I lift my worship to You And I love...

Emmanuel (Together in this place)

1) Together in this place of worship Your greatness we proclaim We stand as one in giving...
Text: (2000)
Melodie: (2000)

Forever And A Day

Gloriousy you saved me.
Text: (2004)
Melodie: (2004)

I Feel Like I'm Falling

1) Standing tall in this wide space Getting lost in Your embrace I see a fire burning...
Text: (1998)
Melodie: (1998)

Jesus The Same

1) There's a light in the darkness that shines Giving hope to all the world Hope to all...
Text: (2003)
Melodie: (2003)

Magnificent (Who compares to You?)

1) Who compares to You Who set the stars in their place You who calmed the raging seas That...
Text: (2001)
Melodie: (2001)

Reaching for You (I can't believe)

1) I can't believe the way Your love has got a hold on me Each morning I wake to find You...
Text: (1999)
Melodie: (1999)