Es wurden 10 Lieder von Russell Fragar gefunden.

Church on fire

1) The Holy Spirit is here And His power is real Anything can happen And it probably...
Text: (1997)
Melodie: (1997)

Great In Power (Praise Him, you heavens)

1) Praise Him you heavens And all that's above Praise Him you angels And heavenly...
Text: (1998)
Melodie: (1998)

Hear these praises (Love You so much)

Hear these praises from a grateful heart, Each time I think of You the praises start: Love You so...
Text: (1996)
Melodie: (1996)

Holy Spirit, rain down

Holy Spirit, rain down, rain down. O Comforter and Friend, How we need Your touch again. Holy...
Text: (1997)
Melodie: (1997)

I Simply Live For You (Say the word)

Say the word, ans I will sing for you; over oceans deep I will follow.
Text: (1999)
Melodie: (1999)

In Your hands (I'm secure, You're hier with me)

I'm secure, You're hier with me; You stay the same, Your love remains here in my heart....
Text: (1995)
Melodie: (1995)

My God can never fail (He's real)

1) My God can never fail He's been proved time and again Trust Him and see He's got...
Text: (1996)
Melodie: (1996)