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Name: Ben Cantelon
Gelebt von: * 1983  - 
Benjamin Lennart Cantelon ist ein kanadischer christlicher Musiker

37 Lieder von Ben Cantelon

Liedtitel Was Jahr Text MP3
All of my life I have lived (Jericho) Text & Melodie 2009
Before the world began Text & Melodie
Celebrate (There's a song that's rising up) Text & Melodie 2006
Counting On Your Name Text & Melodie
Defender of this heart (Remain) Text & Melodie 2007
Der Weg (Du bist der Weg) nur Melodie 2014
Ein neues Leben begann nur Melodie
For every song (You are) Text & Melodie
For Your Glory (We will dance) Text & Melodie
From heaven to earth our Saviour came (He lives) Text & Melodie
Hallelujah, hallelujah Text & Melodie 2007
Happy Day (The Greatest Day In History) Text & Melodie 2006
I Am Broken (Coming Back) Text & Melodie 2009
I am here, all alone Text & Melodie 2009
In a dying, hurting world (You're the light) Text & Melodie 2007
Into this broken world You came Text & Melodie
It's in view of Your mercy Text & Melodie
Jesus, there is no one like You (How I love You) Text & Melodie 2008
Love came down (When I call on Your name) Text & Melodie 2006
New Day (Your love has opened my eyes) Text & Melodie
Oh, You've been so good to me (You are good) Text & Melodie 2007
Praise The Lord (Evermore) Text & Melodie
Retter dieser Welt (So sehr hat Gott die Welt geliebt) nur Melodie 2010
Saviour Of The World (God So Loved That He Gave His Son) Text & Melodie 2010
Simple Pursuit Text & Melodie
The Cross Stands Text & Melodie 2013
The mountain Text & Melodie
There is no where else I'd rather be Text & Melodie 2009
There is nowhere else Text & Melodie 2009
Undivided love Text & Melodie
We lift up our hearts Text & Melodie
We're not ashamed Text & Melodie
Welch ein Tag (Der größte Tag für alle Zeit) nur Melodie 2006
When You ascended into the heavens (Breathe) Text & Melodie 2009
You are the reason Text & Melodie
You took upon Yourself the blame (Worthy) Text & Melodie 2007
Your ways are always greater (Never let me go) Text & Melodie