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Name: Dave Bilbrough
Dave Bilbrough

Dave Bilbrough ist ein christlicher Musiker.

73 Lieder von Dave Bilbrough

Liedtitel Was Jahr Text MP3
Abba, father, let me be, Yours and Yours alone Text & Melodie 1977
Abba, Vater, deine Lieb nur Melodie 1977 Text ist verfügbar
Again And Again Text & Melodie 2002
All hail the Lamb Text & Melodie 1987
An army of ordinary people Text & Melodie 1983
As we seek Your face Text & Melodie 1990
Awesome in this place (As I come into Your presence) Text & Melodie 1992
Be free in the love of God Text & Melodie 1991
Carry me (You take me by the hand) Text & Melodie 2000
Come to the table (Turn your face to Him) Text & Melodie 1999
Dein Herz suchen wir nur Melodie 1990
Everybody Sing (We've Come To Sing) Text & Melodie 2002
Exalted, You are exalted Text & Melodie 1990
Faithful and true Text & Melodie 1995
Father God (Lord we worship You) Text & Melodie 1995
Father in Heaven (We will crown Him) Text & Melodie 1985
Fest sei das Band unsrer Liebe nur Melodie 1979
For Every Child (Hear Our Prayer) Text & Melodie 2003
Give me, Lord, a dream from heaven Text & Melodie 1994
Give your thanks to the risen Son Text & Melodie 1994
Go in Your name (Lord, we come in adoration) Text & Melodie 1993
Grace and mercy Text & Melodie 2000
He died for my sake Text & Melodie 2002
He picked me up Text & Melodie 1996
Healing grace Text & Melodie 1990
Hear our cry for the nations Text & Melodie 1999
Holy ground (This is the place) Text & Melodie 1999
Holy, holy is the Lord Text & Melodie 2000
How wonderful​​​​​​​, how glorious Text & Melodie 1994
Humble Yourselves Text & Melodie 1997
I am a new creation Text & Melodie 1983
I believe there is a God in heaven Text & Melodie 1991
I lift my voice Text & Melodie 1985
I surrender (What love is this) Text & Melodie 1999
I will exalt Your name, Lord Jesus Text & Melodie 1985
I'm cradled Text & Melodie 2002
I'm on my knees Text & Melodie 2000
Ich bin von neu’m geboren nur Melodie 1983
It's getting clearer (You Are My Strength) Text & Melodie 1995
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, how I love Your name Text & Melodie 2000
Let the chimes of freedom ring Text & Melodie 1997
Let there be love Text & Melodie 1979
Lift him up, lift Him high Text & Melodie 1994
Like A Mighty River Text & Melodie 2004
Lord have mercy Text & Melodie 1995
Lord You set my heart on fire Text & Melodie 1985
Lord, in full and glad surrender Text & Melodie 1985
Make All Things New Text & Melodie 2005
Nun sind wir neue Menschen nur Melodie 1983 Text ist verfügbar
O the joy of Your forgiveness Text & Melodie 1988
O the valleys shall ring Text & Melodie 1980
One Heart Text & Melodie 2002
Our God is great Text & Melodie 1996
Prepare the way Text & Melodie 2000
Reigning in all splendour Text & Melodie 1984
Sagt, wo ihr Gottes Güte seht nur Melodie 1994 Text ist verfügbar
Send a revival (One voice) Text & Melodie 1999
Send Your rain down from the heavens Text & Melodie 1995
Send Your Spirit Text & Melodie 2002
Sing for Joy (Because of You) Text & Melodie 1999
So freely Text & Melodie 1983
Sound the trumpet Text & Melodie 1991
Staunend stehen wir vor dir (Hier in deiner Gegenwart) nur Melodie 1992
Taste and see Text & Melodie 1999
Tell the World Text & Melodie 1998
The church's one foundation Text & Melodie 1985
The day of the streams is over Text & Melodie 1995
The voice of God (Show your glory) Text & Melodie 2000
The waves are breaking (To the ends of the earth) Text & Melodie 1996
There's a new wave coming Text & Melodie 1985
We will tear down every stronghold Text & Melodie 1991
You brought me back to the place I belong Text & Melodie 1985
Yours is the kingdom and the power Text & Melodie 2001