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Name: Eoghan Heaslip
christlicher Songwriter und Musiker

33 Lieder von Eoghan Heaslip

Liedtitel Was Jahr Text MP3
All I have and all I am (All To You) Text & Melodie 2008
All my days to love You (Singing Hallelujah) Text & Melodie 2008
Blessing, honour (Our Lord God Almighty Reigns) Text & Melodie 2006
Gathering song (As we gather here together) Text & Melodie 2004
Glorious (You are the Lord) Text & Melodie
God only wise Text & Melodie
Grace In The Wilderness (Wanderers In This Wilderness) Text & Melodie 2004
He came so we could know (The King has come) Text & Melodie
I will trust in Your unfailing love (With Me) Text & Melodie 2008
Jesus, You are holy Text & Melodie
King over all Text & Melodie
Look what you've done in my life (Your love) Text & Melodie 1999
Lord, I come to You (Glory to You) Text & Melodie
Lord, we turn to you Text & Melodie 2000
Maker of all we see Text & Melodie
Our Father in heaven Text & Melodie
Our God forever Text & Melodie
Our God is mercy Text & Melodie
Secret Place (In the light of Your presence) Text & Melodie 2004
Servant and King, Saviour and friend Text & Melodie 2009
Spirit of God, fall in this place Text & Melodie 2009
The heavens and the earth (Creator King) Text & Melodie
There is a song that must be sung (Round the earth) Text & Melodie
This is going to take (What You've Called Me To) Text & Melodie
This is our story Text & Melodie 2008
This one desire Text & Melodie 1999
To give as You gave Text & Melodie 2009
We call upon your name (Arise King of kings) Text & Melodie 2000
We lift up our hearts Text & Melodie 2010
We sing the song of saving grace Text & Melodie
You are here, and everything changes Text & Melodie
You are my refuge Text & Melodie
You reach beyond imagination (The way You father me) Text & Melodie 2008