Info über Godfrey Birtill

Name: Godfrey Birtill

Godfrey Birtill ist eine nordirische Lobpreisleiterin.

27 Lieder von Godfrey Birtill

Liedtitel Was Jahr Text MP3
After I've Done Everything (I Will Stand) Text & Melodie 2004
Bless the Lord Text & Melodie 2000
Come O Spirit Of The Fear Of The Lord Text & Melodie 2005
Es gibt so viel Leid (Deine Gnade siegt) nur Melodie 1999
Fear Not O Little Flock Text & Melodie 2005
God So Loved This Whole World Text & Melodie 2005
If it wasn’t for the blood Text & Melodie 1999
Jesus enthroned forever Text & Melodie 1999
Jesus, God to the rescue Text & Melodie 1999
Jesus, my strength Text & Melodie 2007
Just One Touch From The King Text & Melodie 2006
Lift up your heads (Alleluia) Text & Melodie 2005
Looking For Your Presence Text & Melodie 2000
Lord, Turn Your Footsteps Text & Melodie 2002
Lord, You are wonderful Text & Melodie 2010
My theme song is God's love Text & Melodie 2010
Outrageous Grace (There's a lot of pain) Text & Melodie 1999
Purify My Imagination Text & Melodie 2005
Raise up, raise up the standard nur Melodie 2008 Text ist verfügbar
Redeemed from the empty way of life Text & Melodie 2009
The die has been cast Text & Melodie 2007
There Is A Promise Text & Melodie 2005
Unbelief Is A Barren Field Text & Melodie 2004
When I Look At The Blood Text & Melodie 2004
Where O Where's Your Presence O God Text & Melodie 2004
Why do You stand? (Carry me) Text & Melodie 2004
Wonderful God (I Will Set My Face) Text & Melodie 2005