15 Lieder von Greg Leavers

Liedtitel Was Jahr Text MP3
All around me, Lord nur Text 1986 Text ist verfügbar
Emmanuel, God With Us Text & Melodie 1987
Glory To God in the highest nur Text 1986
God whose Son nur Melodie 1986
Here in your presence, Lord Text & Melodie 1995
I look to the hills Text & Melodie 1989
Now I have found the ground nur Text Text ist verfügbar
O Lord, I turn my mind to you Text & Melodie 1989
Saviour Of The World Text & Melodie 1986
Thank You, Lord Text & Melodie 1987
This is what our Saviour said nur Text 1987
We praise you, we bless you nur Text Text ist verfügbar
We three kings of Orient are nur Text 1986 Text ist verfügbar
With undivided heart and ceaseless songs (Hillcrest) nur Melodie 1995
You are coming nur Text