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All things praise Thee (Te Laudant Omnia)

1) All things praise Thee Lord Most High
Heav'n and earth and sea and sky
All were for Thy glory made
That Thy greatness thus displayed
Should all worship bring to Thee
All things praise Thee Lord may we

2) All things praise Thee night to night
Sings in silent hymns of light
All things praise Thee day by day
Chants Thy pow'r in burning ray
Time and space are praising Thee
All things praise Thee Lord may we

3) All things praise Thee heav'n's high shrine
Rings with melody divine
Lowly bending at Thy feet
Seraph and archangel meet
This their highest bliss to be
Ever praising Lord may we

4) All things praise you, glorious Lord,
great Creator, powerful Word,
omnipresent Spirit, now
at your throne we humbly bow,
lift our hearts in praise to you:
so we praise you, Lord, anew.

CCLI-Nr.: 7098047

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