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All you need is faith

Ref.: All you need is faith all you have to do
is only to believe that He's a part o you
and you're a part of His wonderful creation,
that unifies us all in ev'ry generation.
From the bottom of your heart,
shine the wonders of his grace
and ev'rything you need
is just a little faith!

1) Even in the darkest night,
oh the Lord almighty reigns.
Yes and He will show his light,
and His glory remains.
In the middle of the storm
in the wind and the rain.
When your hope is almost gone,
you just call out His name.

2) In these days of war and pain
it's not easy to believe.
To believe He sets fire
and His love sets you free.
Just be sure He will bei there.
Let His light guide you home.
Feel his presence ev'rewhere.
You are never alone.


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