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Blessed be that maid Mary

1) Blessed be that Maid Marie;
Born He was of her body;
Very God ere time began,
Born in time the Son of man.

Ref.: Eya! Ihesus hodie
Natus est de Virgine.

2) In a manger of an ass
Jesus lay and lulled was;
Born to die upon the Tree
Pro peccante homine.

3) Sweet and blissful was the song
Changed of the Angel throng,
"Peace on earth," Alleluya.
In excelsis gloria.

4) Fare three Kings from far-off land,
Incense, gold and myrrh in hand;
In Bethlehem the Babe they see,
Stelle ducti lumine.

5) Make we merry on this fest,
In quo Christus natus est;
On this Child I pray you call,
To assoil and save us all.


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