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Blessed Redeemer

1) Blessed Redeemer, full of compassion,
Great is Thy mercy, boundless and free.
Now in my weakness, seeking Thy favour,
Lord, I am coming closer to Thee.

Ref.: Blessed Redeemer, wonderful Saviour,
Fountain of wisdom, Ancient of Days;
Hope of the faithful, Light of all ages,
Jesus, my Saviour, Thee I will praise.

2) Blessed Redeemer, Thou art my refuge,
Under Thy watch-care, safe I shall be.
Gladly adoring, joyfully trusting,
Still I am coming closer to Thee.

3) Blessed Redeemer, gracious and tender,
New and forever dwell Thou in me.
Thou, my protector, shield and defender,
Draw me and keep me closer to Thee.

Melodie: (2019), (2019), (2019)

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