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Come ye faithful raise the anthem

1) Come ye faithful raise the anthem
Cleave the skies with shouts of praise
Sing to Him who found the ransom
Ancient of eternal days
God eternal Word incarnate
Whom the heaven of heaven obeys

2) Ere He raised the lofty mountains
Formed the sea or built the sky
Love eternal free and boundless
Forced the Lord of life to die
Lifted up the Prince of princes
On the throne of Calvary

3) Now on those eternal mountains
Stands the sapphire throne all bright
With the ceaseless alleluias
Which they raise the sons of light
Zions people tell His praises
Victor after hard won fight

4) Laud and honour to the Father
Laud and honour to the Son
Laud and honour to the Spirit
Ever Three and ever One
One in love and One in splendour
While unending ages run

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