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Didn't it rain

Ref.: Didn't it rain, didn't it rain, didn't it rain, oh my children
when God destroy'd the world with water, now; didn't it rain,

1) 'Way back yonder in an ancient time
Nobody nowhere paid the Lord no mind.
The Lord look'd down at all that sin,
Said "Time to start all over again!"

2) The Lord told Noah to build a boat
in a dry land where it would never float
And when the people laugh'd and taunted him,
He said "Just how long can you swim?"

3) The animals came in two by two
And ev'rything that walk'd or crawl'd or flew
Found a tiny place within the ark
And then it began to get real dark.

4) Well it rain'd fourty days and fourty nights whithout stopin'
And Noah was glad when the rain stop adropin'
God made Noah a rainbow sign!
Said "No more water! 'Be fire next time!"

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