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Do we need more light

Ref.: Do we need more light? Do we need more proof?
Do we need anything more to find our way through?
Take a look at life, take a look at love and all the wonders,
only He can do.

1) It´s unbelievable when you think of life,
how it starts and it comes to an end like the clouds in the sky.
No one can explain where we´re coming from,
not a single man on earth can understand all the things He has done.
And what I´d like to know.

2) It´s unexplainable when you think of love,
how it feels when it´s good and it hurts when the times are tough.
No one really knows what is leading us, what is right,
what is wrong, only in His love we can trust.
And what I need to know.

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