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Give me the faith

1) Give me the faith which can remove
And sink the mountain to a plain
Give me the childlike praying love
Which longs to build Thy house again
Thy Love let it my heart o'erpower
Let it my ransomed soul devour

2) I would the precious time redeem
And longer live for this alone
To spend and not be spent for them
Who have not yet my Saviour known
Fully on these my mission prove
And only breathe to breathe Thy love

3) My talents gifts and graces Lord
Into Thy blessed hands receive
And let me live to preach Thy word
And let me to Thy glory live
My every sacred moment spend
In publishing the sinners' friend

4) Enlarge inflame and fill my heart
With boundless charity divine
So shall I all my strength exert
And love then with a zeal like Thine
And lead them to Thine open side
The sheep for whom their Shepherd died

Melodie: Unbekannt
CCLI-Nr.: 484917

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