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Hail the day that sees Him rise

1) Hail the day that sees Him rise Alleluia,
To His throne beyond the skies; alleluia,
Christ, the Lamb for sinners given, alleluia,
Enters now the highest heaven. alleluia!

2) There for Him high triumph waits: Alleluia,
Lift your heads, eternal gates; alleluia,
He has conquered death and sin, alleluia,
Take the King of glory in. alleluia!

3) See! the heaven its Lord receives, Alleluia,
Yet He loves the earth He leaves; alleluia,
Though returning to His throne, alleluia,
Still He calls mankind His own. alleluia!

4) Still for us He intercedes, Alleluia,
His prevailing death He pleads; alleluia,
Near Himself prepares our place, alleluia,
He the first-fruits of our race. alleluia!

5) Lord, though parted from our sight, Alleluia,
Far beyond the starry height, alleluia,
Lift our hearts that we may rise alleluia,
One with You beyond the skies. alleluia!

6) There with You we shall remain, Alleluia,
Share the glory of Your reign; alleluia,
There Your face unclouded view, alleluia,
Find our heaven of heavens in You. alleluia!

Text: , (1739)
CCLI-Nr.: 2377647

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