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Let me fly (Way down yonder)

1) Way down yonder in the middle of the field, angel workin' on the
chariot wheel. Not so particular 'bout workin' at the wheel, but I
just want to see how the chariot feels.
Now let me fly, now, let me fly. Now, let me fly
into Mount Zion Lord, Lord.

2) I got a mother in the promised land,
Ain't gonna stop until I shake her hand,
Not so particular 'bout shakin' her hand,
But I just wanna go up in the promised land.
Now let me fly...

3) Meet that hypocrite on the street,
First thing he'll do is to show his teeth.
Next thing he'll do is to tell a lie,
And the best thing to do is to pass him by.
Now let me fly...

4) The sun that bids us rest is waking our
Brethren 'neath the western sky; and hour
By hour fresh lips are making Thy
Wondrous doings heard on high.
Now let me fly...

5) So be it, Lord, Thy throne shall never,
Like earth's proud empires, pass away;
Thy kingdom stands and grows for ever,
Till all Thy creatures own Thy sway.
Now let me fly...

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