Masters in this hall (Nowell, Sing We Clear)    

Ref.: Noel Noel Noel
Noel sing we clear
Blessed are all folk on earth
Now is born God's Son so dear

1) Masters in this hall
Hear the news I say
Brought from foreign lands
To cheer your heart this day

2) Going o'er the hillsides
Through the milk-white snow
I could hear the sheep cry
While the wind did blow

3) Shepherds there were many
Taking leave their sheep
Heading o'er the hills to
Where the city sleeps

4) When I asked the shepherds
Why they hasten so
They said we seek a Lord
Who lies in manger low

5) Who you say this Lord is
Shepherds then said I
Very God said they
Come from heav'n on high

6) Then to Bethlehem
We went two and two
And in humble stable
Heard the oxen low

7) Therein did we see
A sweet and goodly maid
And upon her arm
A tiny child there lay

8) This is Christ the Lord
O masters be you glad
God has sent His Son
And no one should be sad

"Masters in This Hall" (alternativer Titel: "Nowell, Sing We Clear") ist ein Weihnachtslied, das um 1860 von dem englischen Dichter und Künstler William Morris zu einer alten französischen Tanzmelodie geschrieben wurde. Das Lied ist weltweit mäßig populär, hat aber keinen Eingang in den Kanon der beliebtesten Weihnachtslieder gefunden.

Melodie: (1970)

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