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Shalom, Shalom! His peace upon us

Ref.: Shalom, Shalom, His peace upon us.
Shalom, Shalom, His peace upon us.

1) The Lord be ahead of you
to lead the way for you to follow.
He'll be by your side. His arm will keep you safe.

2) The Lord be behind you,
so enemies cannot attack you.
He'll be under you to hold you when you're falling.

3) The Lord be within you
to comfort you in all your sadness.
He'll be all around, defend you from all evil.

4) The Lord be above you,
bestowing all His wealth upon you.
So the loving Lord surrounds you from all sides.

Text: (1990)
Melodie: (1990)
Bibelstelle: 4. Mose 6,24-27

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