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The Lord has given

1) The Lord has given
a land of good things,
I will press in and make them mine.
I’ll know His power,
I’ll know His glory,
And in His kingdom I will shine.

Ref.: With the high praises
of God in our mouth
And a two-edged sword
in our hand,
We’ll march right
on to the victory side,
Right into Canaan’s land.

2) Gird up your armour,
ye sons of Zion,
Gird up your armour,
let’s go to war.
We’ll win the battle
with great rejoicing,
And so we’ll praise Him
more and more.

3) We’ll bind their kings
in chains and fetters,
We’ll bind their nobles tight in iron,
To execute God’s written judgement;
March on to glory, sons of Zion!

Melodie: (1987)

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