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To You, O Lord, our hearts we raise (Golden Sheaves)

To You, O Lord, our hearts we raise
In hymns of adoration:
Accept our sacrifice of praise,
Our shouts of exultation;
For by Your hand our souls are fed –
What joys Your love has given!
You give to us our daily bread,
So give us bread from heaven!

And now on this our festal day,
Your love to us expressing,
Our gifts before You, Lord, we lay,
The first-fruits of Your blessing.
Bright robes of gold the fields adorn,
The hills with joy are ringing;
The valleys stand so thick with corn
That even they are singing.

Yet in Your presence we confess,
O Lord of earth and heaven,
Our pride, our greed and selfishness –
We ask to be forgiven.
And where the hungry suffer still
Because of our ambition,
There let our riches serve Your will,
Your love be our commission.

There is a country bright as day
Beyond the crystal river,
Where hunger will be done away
And thirst be gone forever;
Where praises ring out loud and strong
That now with ours are blending;
Where we shall sing the harvest song
That never has an ending.

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