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Unto us a boy is born (Puer nobis nascitur)

1) Unto us a boy is born!
King of all creation,
came he to a world forlorn,
the Lord of every nation,
the Lord of every nation.

2) Cradled in a stall was he
with sleepy cows and asses;
but the very beasts could see
that he all folk surpasses,
that he all folk surpasses.

3) Herod then with fear was filled;
'A prince', he said, 'in Jewry!'
All the little boys he killed
at Bethl'em in his fury,
at Bethl'em in his fury.

4) Now may Mary's son, who came
so long ago to love us,
lead us all with hearts aflame
unto the joys above us,
unto the joys above us.

5) Omega and Alpha he!
Let the organ thunder,
while we sing our songs with glee
and rend the air asunder,
and rend the air asunder.

"Puer nobis nascitur", usually translated as "Unto Us Is Born a Son", is a medieval Christmas carol found in a number of manuscript sources—the 14th-century German Moosburg Gradual and a 15th-century Trier manuscript.

Text: (1928)
CCLI-Nr.: 4790631

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