Liederbuch: This Is Our God

This Is Our God

Hillsong Worship

Liederbuch: This Is Our God

On the evening of Sunday, March 9th 2008, thousands of worshippers gathered to fill the Acer Arena in Sydney as Hillsong Church recorded their latest live worship album. A number of new songwriters, worship leaders and musicians joined Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston, Darlene Zschech and Marty Sampson on the platform, capturing the sound of a new generation, and entering into a new season of worship and song.

16 Lieder sind online in der Datenbank vorhanden.


Nr. Liedtitel Text / Autor
4 Your Name High (2007)
15 Run (You were God) (2008)
26 Desert Song (This is my prayer) (2008)
36 This Is Our God (Your precence in me) (2008)
48 Oh Blessed Lamb, Once Slain (He is Lord) (2008)
59 High And Lifted Up , (2008)
68 There Is Love That Came For Us (Stronger) (2007), (2007)
80 Healer (You hold every moment) (2007)
90 Your are here (The same power) (2007), (2007)
96 You Deserve , (2007)
110 Across the earth (2008), (2008), (2008)
121 Where we belong , (2008)
132 Sing to the Lord , (2008)
143 You'll Come (We are not shaken) (2007)
154 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (1922) Text ist verfügbar
158 With everything (2008)