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Name: Mia Fieldes
Gelebt von: * 1983  - 
Mia Fieldes

Mia Leanne Cherie Fieldes ist eine australische christliche Musikerin.

21 Lieder von Mia Fieldes

Liedtitel Was Jahr Text MP3
Adonai (Ever I will sing) Text & Melodie 2006
Adonai (Ich sing für dich) nur Melodie 2006
All For Love Text & Melodie 2004
All To Him (For every mountain that is high) Text & Melodie 2012
Always (Did you rise the sun for me) Text & Melodie 2003
Be Exalted (I stand in awe of who You are) Text & Melodie 2011
Christ is risen (Let no one caught) Text & Melodie 2009
God You Reign (You paint the night) Text & Melodie 2008
Have It All (You can have it all Lord) Text & Melodie 2015
Jesus liebt mich, ja, das ist wahr nur Melodie 2006
Not afraid Text & Melodie 2017
Rest In You (Your faithfulness endures always) Text & Melodie 2004
Retter und König nur Melodie 2006
Saviour King (Let Now The Weak Say I Have Strength) Text & Melodie 2006
Sovereign Hands Text & Melodie 2005
Take Me To The River (There’s a place rich with life) Text & Melodie 2012
There Is Power (Where two or more) Text & Melodie 2014
Throne Room (Dream after Dream) Text & Melodie 2017
Through The Cross (It's Your love that took our place) Text & Melodie 2011
Wonderful (We will look to the horizon) Text & Melodie 2012
You Saw Me (Your glory fills the heavens) Text & Melodie 2007