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Name: Nick Herbert
britischer Songwriter bei Capitol Music Group, Integrity Music & Thank You Music Publishing.

33 Lieder von Nick Herbert

Liedtitel Was Jahr Text MP3
All for Christ Text & Melodie
Before the world began Text & Melodie 2009
Come Like A Fire (Revive us) Text & Melodie
Counting On Your Name Text & Melodie 2010
Der Weg (Du bist der Weg) nur Melodie 2014
Ein neues Leben begann nur Melodie 2011
Father above Text & Melodie 2010
For every song (You are) Text & Melodie
From heaven to earth our Saviour came (He lives) Text & Melodie
Glory to glory Text & Melodie
God only wise Text & Melodie 2008
God's Great Dance Floor Text & Melodie 2013
Gottes Dancefloor (Ich kehr zurück an den Ort) nur Melodie
Here with me Text & Melodie
Hope and glory Text & Melodie 2015
Hope is here (Jesus saves) Text & Melodie
I'm laying out all the pieces of my life (Keep the Faith) Text & Melodie
Jesus, You are holy Text & Melodie
Let It Be Known Text & Melodie
Maker of all we see Text & Melodie 2009
Nah bei mir (Steh ich im Dunkeln) nur Melodie
New Day (Your love has opened my eyes) Text & Melodie 2011
Our God forever Text & Melodie 2010
Our God is mercy Text & Melodie 2010
Praise The Lord (Evermore) Text & Melodie
Say it with this song (What a beautiful thing) Text & Melodie
Simple Pursuit Text & Melodie
Stir a passion Text & Melodie
The Cross Stands Text & Melodie 2013
The mountain Text & Melodie
There at the cross Text & Melodie 2008
We're not ashamed Text & Melodie 2009
You're mighty and strong to save (Rescuer) Text & Melodie 2007