Info über Timothy Dudley-Smith

Name: Timothy Dudley-Smith
Gelebt von: * 1926  - 

Timothy Dudley-Smith OBE ist ein pensionierter Bischof der Kirche von England und ein bekannter englischer Hymnenkomponist. Er hat rund 400 Hymnen geschrieben.

38 Lieder von Timothy Dudley-Smith

Liedtitel Was Jahr Text MP3
A purple robe nur Text 1968
Above the voices of the world nur Text 1985
As water to the thirsty Text & Melodie 1979
Born by the Holy Spirit's breath (Whitsun Psalm) nur Text 1972
Christ is the one who calls (Love unknown) nur Text
Christ the way of life possess me nur Text 1988
Come let us praise the Lord (Chilean Venite) nur Text 1981
Come now with awe nur Text 1975
Come watch with us nur Text 1989
Faithful vigil ended nur Text 1981
Fill your hearts with joy nur Text 1970
Freely for the love he bears us nur Text 1989
Heaven's throne ascending nur Text 1994
Holy Child Text & Melodie 1966
How shall they hear who have not heard (Ombersley) nur Text
I lift my eyes to the quiet hills (Davos) nur Text 1968
Jesus Prince and Saviour (Saint Gertrude) nur Text
Lord God almighty (Christe Sanctorum) nur Text 1993
Lord of the Church Text & Melodie 1984
Lord, for the years (Lord Of The Years) nur Text 1967
Lord, when the storms of life arise nur Text 1992
Name of all majesty nur Text 1979
Now is Christ risen from the dead nur Text 1992
O changeless Christ, for ever new nur Text 1984
O Christ the King of glory nur Text 1992
O Christ the same nur Text 1971
O Lord, whose saving name nur Text 1992
Open our eyes, O Lord, we pray nur Text 1993
Safe in the shadow of the Lord (Creator God) nur Text 1970
Sing a new song to the Lord nur Text
Tell out, my soul (Woodlands) nur Text 1961
The love of Christ who died for me Text & Melodie 1989
Timeless love nur Text 1970
We Come As Guests Invited nur Text 1975
We turn to Christ alone nur Text 1994
When the Lord in glory comes (Glorious Coming) nur Text 1967
When to our world the Saviour came (Church Triumphant) nur Text 1977
With undivided heart and ceaseless songs (Hillcrest) nur Text 1993