Info über Wayne Drain

Name: Wayne Drain
Gelebt von: * 1952  - 
US-amerikanischer Musiker aus Russellville. Er ist verheiratet mit June.

20 Lieder von Wayne Drain

Liedtitel Was Jahr Text MP3
A brand new day is dawning (Speak a fresh word) Text & Melodie 1982
All I know (I don't know why) Text & Melodie 1998
Apostle's Creed (I believe in God the Father) Text & Melodie 1996
Calling all nations Text & Melodie 1998
Dancing with the Father (Lost in the shuffle) Text & Melodie 1996
Do you love to praise the Lord? Text & Melodie 2001
Every morning Text & Melodie 2001
Every Tribe (We'll be set free - From every tongue) Text & Melodie 1996
He is good, He is good Text & Melodie 1985
Here we are gathered together (Go Ahead) Text & Melodie
I give my heart to what I treasure Text & Melodie 2001
I'm crying out (I’ve chosen to believe) Text & Melodie 1998
If I seek You (Give me a pure heart) Text & Melodie 2001
In my weakness (You are the Lord) Text & Melodie 1996
Is there a place rest can be found? Text & Melodie 2006
Ruft alle Nationen nur Melodie 1998
Showers of blessing (When enemies come) Text & Melodie 1984
The Lord bless and keep you Text & Melodie 2009
There Are No Secret Places Text & Melodie 2004
This is the day that You have made (Hosanna) Text & Melodie 2007