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Abide With Me (I have a home)

Abide with me abide with me Don't let me fall and don't let go Walk with me and never...

After all (Holy)

You are holy Oh holy Holy holy whoa

Come As You Are

(So) Lay down your burdens lay down your shame All who are broken lift up your face O wanderer...

In the end (Oh Resplendent Light)

In the end, when all of this is gone, And all that’s living has moved on; The sun and moon will...

O Praise Him (All this for a King)

O praise Him O praise Him He is holy He is holy yeah
Text: (2003)
Melodie: (2003)

Oh Great Love Of God

Victim of our sacrifice, gift of love a perfect life, all for a wayward bride, all for a wayward...

Only You (Take my heart)

Take my heart, I lay it down at the feet of You who's crowned. And take my life, I'm...