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Be magnified, o Lord (I have made You to small in my eyes)

1) I have made You too small in my eyes O Lord forgive me And I have believed in a lie That...
Text: (1992)
Melodie: (1992)

Glory To The Lord (Who holds the heavens in His hands)

Ref.: Glory to the Lord Worship Him The God of our salvation Glory to the Lord Honor Him He...
Text: (2000)
Melodie: (2000)

Herr, du bist mir teurer als Silber

Herr, du bist mir teurer als Silber! Herr, du bist mir kostbarer als Gold! Herr, du bist mir...
Text: (1976)
Melodie: (1976)

In Your Presence O God

Ref.: In Your presence that's where I am strong In Your presence O Lord my God In Your...
Text: (1995)
Melodie: (1995)

More Precious Than Silver

Ref: (Oh) Lord You are More precious than silver Lord You are More costly than gold Lord You...
Text: (1982)
Melodie: (1982)

You have been patient (Mercy)

Mercy, mercy, Lord, Your mercy is how we are restored Mercy, O mercy, Lord Help us to show Your...