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Name: Chris Bowater
Chris Bowater

Chris Bowater ist ein britischer christlichen Liedermacher und Gottesdienstleiter.

51 Lieder von Chris Bowater

Liedtitel Was Jahr Text MP3
All consuming all embracing Text & Melodie 1993
All the way, my Saviour leads me (All That I Am) nur Melodie 2007 Text ist verfügbar
As The Light Of The Sun (Lord Of The Harvest) Text & Melodie 2003
Confidence we have confidence Text & Melodie 1994
Creation is awaiting Text & Melodie 1995
Do something new, Lord Text & Melodie 1986
Faithful God Text & Melodie 1990
Fill the place Lord with your glory Text & Melodie 1983
God of grace, I turn my face (I stand complete in You) Text & Melodie 1990
God, The Lord Text & Melodie 2005
Greater Grace Deeper Mercy Text & Melodie 1999
He who dwells Text & Melodie 1988
Healing grace is flowing Text & Melodie 2005
Hear the beat of my heart (Catch the fire) Text & Melodie 1996
Here I am, wholly available Text & Melodie 1981
Here in the presence (I stand in the presence of the Lord) Text & Melodie 1996
Here, in the dawning (Proclaim the favour of God) Text & Melodie 1997
Herrsche du, höchster Herr, herrsche du nur Melodie 1985
Hier bin ich, verfüge über mich nur Melodie 1981
Holy One, Holy One Text & Melodie 1991
Holy Spirit, we welcome You Text & Melodie 1986
I am not mine own Text & Melodie 1985
I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord Text & Melodie 1981
I could look (Crown of beauty) Text & Melodie 2005
I delight greatly in the Lord Text & Melodie 1981
I need You Text & Melodie 1995
Jesus gebühret alle Ehre nur Melodie 1988 Text ist verfügbar
Jesus I worship you Text & Melodie 1982
Jesus shall take the highest honour Text & Melodie 1988
Jesus, at Your name (You are the Christ) Text & Melodie 1982
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Text & Melodie 1979 Text ist verfügbar
Just the mention of Your name Text & Melodie 1991
Magnificent, All Glorious Lord Text & Melodie 2005
May our worship be as fragrance Text & Melodie 1995
Mighty God, everlasting Father Text & Melodie 1991
Not To Us O Lord (To Your Name Be Glory) Text & Melodie 2005
O the deep, deep love Text & Melodie 2005
Reign in me Text & Melodie 1985
Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice Text & Melodie 1986
See His glory Text & Melodie 1986
Sei mein Herr, mächtger Gott nur Melodie 1985 Text ist verfügbar
Show Me Your Ways Text & Melodie 2005
Spirit of God Text & Melodie 1978
Swing wide the gates Text & Melodie 1986
Teach Me How To Pray (The Disciples' Prayer) Text & Melodie 2005
The Lord has led forth Text & Melodie 1982
The Spirit of the Lord Text & Melodie 1985
This is the mystery (Let the Bride say come) Text & Melodie 1992
We're here for the harvest Text & Melodie 1996
Wie ein Wohlgeruch nur Melodie 1995 Text ist verfügbar
Your Word Text & Melodie 2005