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The Gospel Train (Get on board, little children)

1) The gospeltrain is coming,
I hear it just at hand,
I hear the car wheels moving,
And rumbling thro' the land.

Ref.: Get on board, children,
Get on board, children,
Get on board, children,
For there's room for many a more.

2) I hear the bell and whistle
A-coming round the curve:
She's playing all her steam and power
And straining every nerve.

3) She's nearing now the station,
Oh, sinner don't be vain,
But come and get your ticket,
And be ready for the train.

4) The fare is cheap and all can go,
The rich and poor are there;
No second class aboard this train,
No difference in the fare.

5) No signal for another train,
To follow on the line:
Oh, sinner you're forever lost,
If once you're left behind.

6) There's Moses, Noah and Abraham,
And all the prophets too:
Our friends in Christ are all aboard,
Oh what a heavenly crew!

7) We soon shall reach the station,
Oh, how we than shall sing
With all the heavenly army,
We'll make the welcome ring.

8) We'll shout over all our sorrows,
And sing for evermore,
With Christ and all his army
On that celestial shore.

"The Gospel Train" is a traditional African-American spiritual first published in 1872 as one of the songs of the Fisk Jubilee Singers.

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