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Child Of God (With Every Breath)

1) With ev’ry breath with ev’ry thought From what is seen to the deepest part I offer all...
Text: (1999)
Melodie: (1999)

Devotion (You are boundless mercy)

You are boundless mercy, you are endless grace, you are sweet forgiveness, ceaseless faithfulness...
Text: (2000)
Melodie: (2000)

Hungrig komm ich zu dir (Ich fall auf meine Knie)

1) Hungrig komm ich zu dir, denn ich weiß, du sorgst für mich. Ich bin leer, doch deine...

Hungry I come to you (I'm falling on my knees)

1) Hungry I come to You for I know You satisfy I am empty but I know Your love does not run...
Text: (1999)
Melodie: (1999)

Was ich auch tu (Wie ein Kind)

1) Was ich auch tu, ich will zu dir. Die Sehnsucht brennt ganz tief in mir. Ich geb mich hin...

We Still Believe

1) From the thankful heart to the battle scarred From the comforted to those who grieve From the...
Text: (2010)
Melodie: (2010)

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