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Name: Tim Hughes
Gelebt von: * 1977  - 
Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes ist ein britischer Gottesdienstleiter, Sänger, Liedermacher und anglikanischer Priester.

112 Lieder von Tim Hughes

Liedtitel Was Jahr Text MP3
Almighty God (The rising sun) Text & Melodie 2005
Arms (Empty handed here I come) Text & Melodie 2015
At Your name Text & Melodie 2011
Awesome is He (You say mountains can move by faith) Text & Melodie 2013
Back To The Start Text & Melodie 2012
Be Lifted Higher (You’re the King of all the ages) Text & Melodie 2010
Beautiful One (Wonderful, So Wonderful) Text & Melodie 2002
Bigger Than The Air I Breathe Text & Melodie 2004
Broken hearts can sing Text & Melodie 2011
Centre of it all (In the beginning) Text & Melodie 2007
Clinging to the cross (My soul is weak) Text & Melodie 2007
Come Like A Fire (Revive us) Text & Melodie 2018
Counting On Your Name Text & Melodie 2010
Dance dance, everybody dance Text & Melodie 2008
Day after day, I’ll search to find You Text & Melodie 2001
Der Weg (Du bist der Weg) nur Melodie 2014
Dry Bones (God is here) Text & Melodie 2013
Er hält die Welt in seiner Hand nur Melodie 2004
Everything (God in my living) Text & Melodie 2005
Everything In Colour (See the morning light awake) Text & Melodie 2011
For every song (You are) Text & Melodie 2007
Give Us Your Courage (I'm not backing down) Text & Melodie 2008
Giver of Life Text & Melodie 2004
Glory to glory Text & Melodie 2017
God Is Coming (In this moment, here I am) Text & Melodie 2011
God Of Justice Text & Melodie 2004
Greater Than Any Other Name (Gaze Upon Your Beauty) Text & Melodie 2006
Grund meiner Hoffnung (Fülle alles aus) nur Melodie 2005
Hallelujah (Friend And King) Text & Melodie 2015
Happy Day (The Greatest Day In History) Text & Melodie 2006
Heiliger Geist, reiß die Mauern ein nur Melodie 2008
Here I Am To Worship (Light of the World) Text & Melodie 2000
Here with me Text & Melodie 2015
Hold on (We are God's family) Text & Melodie 2016
Holding nothing back (I am chosen, I am free) Text & Melodie 2007
Hope and glory Text & Melodie 2015
Hope is here (Jesus saves) Text & Melodie 2008
How Great Is Your Love (All glory) Text & Melodie 2010
I just want to love (I'll always love you) Text & Melodie 1998
I Lift Up My Voice (Presence) Text & Melodie 2004
I Never Knew A Sweeter Name Text & Melodie 2004
I'll remember You Text & Melodie 2008
I'm laying out all the pieces of my life (Keep the Faith) Text & Melodie 2011
I'm ready to rise (Wake up) Text & Melodie 2011
I've Had Questions Text & Melodie 2003
Ich will dich anbeten (Licht dieser Welt) nur Melodie 2000
Into this broken world You came Text & Melodie 2010
Invaded by Your love (There is more than I can imagine) Text & Melodie 2011
Jedes Wort, das ich sag nur Melodie 2000
Jesus Christ, You never change (Morning Star) Text & Melodie 2008
Jesus, Redeemer Text & Melodie 2001
Jesus, sei du meine erste Liebe nur Melodie 1999
Jesus, you alone (must be my first love) Text & Melodie 1999
Join With The Angels Text & Melodie 2006
Kingdom Coming (God of mercy and grace) Text & Melodie 2013
Let Go (You set our hearts on fire) Text & Melodie 2014
Let It Be Known Text & Melodie 2013
Living For Your Glory (What good is it?) Text & Melodie 2007
Lord of all the earth Text & Melodie 2007
Lord, Strong And Mighty (Your voice has power) Text & Melodie 2011
Lord, This Heart Must Sing Text & Melodie 2001
Love, shine through Text & Melodie 2011
May the words of my mouth Text & Melodie 2000
Mein Jesus, mein Anker nur Melodie 1997 Text ist verfügbar
My heart is restless (Wait for You) Text & Melodie 2011
My Jesus, my lifeline Text & Melodie 1997
My life is a story bought by grace (Devotion) Text & Melodie 2016
My life is built on Your promises (Alive) Text & Melodie 2008
Nah bei mir (Steh ich im Dunkeln) nur Melodie 2015
Name Above All Names (Your Name Is Highly Exalted) Text & Melodie 2003
Nothing in this world Text & Melodie 1998
Nothing is impossible (Your voice stills the ocean) Text & Melodie 2008
O what a mystery Text & Melodie 2012
On the African plains (Friend of the poor) Text & Melodie 2008
Once in darkness Text & Melodie 2010
Only The Brave (This is the moment) Text & Melodie 2015
Only You Can Save (Nations are raging) Text & Melodie 2012
Our Generation (We are living for revival) Text & Melodie 2013
Out of the darkness (I could live a thousand years) Text & Melodie 2006
Plans (From the breaking of the daylight) Text & Melodie 2015
Pocketful of faith (I don’t want to get there) Text & Melodie 2015
Rhythms of fire (There's a fire that rages) Text & Melodie 2007
Say The Word Text & Melodie 2013
Set Apart (Back to our first love) Text & Melodie 2014
Sky high (Your love) Text & Melodie 2015
Soldiers (We are Your salvation army) Text & Melodie 2012
Spirit break out Text & Melodie 2008
Symphony (Kindness will lead us to freedom) Text & Melodie 2015
Take the world (The world is not enough for me) Text & Melodie 2007
The Cross Stands Text & Melodie 2013
The mountain Text & Melodie 2016
The Way (I was nowhere) Text & Melodie 2014
There is a song that must be sung (Round the earth) Text & Melodie 2008
There must be more than this (Consuming Fire) Text & Melodie 2002
There's a time for tears (Ecclesiastes) Text & Melodie 2011
This is Jesus (Th Saviour's Song) Text & Melodie 2010
Wake Every Heart (The Highest And The Greatest) Text & Melodie 2005
Welch ein Tag (Der größte Tag für alle Zeit) nur Melodie 2006
What Would I Have Done (I will not forget the cross) Text & Melodie 2009
When I survey the wondrous cross (When I Survey) Text & Melodie 2007
While today is still today (You came into my life) Text & Melodie 1999
Whole World In His Hands Text & Melodie 2004
Wildfire (Watching, waiting for Your fire again) Text & Melodie 2015
Wunderbar, ganz wunderbar nur Melodie 2002
You Are More Text & Melodie 2005
You call us first (If there’s one thing) Text & Melodie 2001
You sent Your Son (Light the sky) Text & Melodie 2010
You shaped the heavens (Maker of all things) Text & Melodie 2001
You're the air that I breathe (Found in You) Text & Melodie 2010
Your cross is enough (You saved me at the cross) Text & Melodie 2014
Your Voice Has Stilled Text & Melodie 2004
Your ways are always greater (Never let me go) Text & Melodie 2007