Alphabetisches Liederverzeichnis von 27.884 Liedern

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C'est toi ma lampe
Call To Worship (The Blazing Sunrise) (2005)
Called and named before Your birth (Servant of God Most High) (2007)
Called Me Higher (2011)
Called unto holiness (Holiness unto the Lord)
Calling all nations (1998), (1998)
Calvary (Every Time I Think About Jesus)
Calvary (The Saviour alone) (2014), (2014)
Calvary Covers It All (1934)
calvary's shadow (2017)
Came To My Rescue (2005), (2005), (2005)
Caminando va (Springe über deine Schatten) (1995)
Can a nation be changed (1996)
Can A Thousand Souls (2002)
Can He, Could He, Would He, Did He? (1986), (1986)
Can I call You my Friend (At the cross) (2001)
Can I see heaven (Jesus taught us how to pray) (2000)
Can the circle be unbroken
Can you believe what the Lord has done in me (1996)
Can you feel it? (2007), (2007), (2007), (2007)
Can you hear Him singing (Jesus loves the church) (1999)
Can’t stop Your love (The struggles that I face) (2014), (2014), (2014)
Can't get it out of my mind (2017)
Can't you feel God's mighty hands
Cancion Para Todos
Candle in the Wind
Cannot Keep You (2010)
Canta et ambula (393)
Cantai ao Senhor (1979)
Cantate Domino (Kanon)
Cantate Domino (Kanon)
Cantate Domino (Kanon)
Cantate Domino canticum novum
Cantate Domino, cantate
Captivated (Your laughter it echoes) (2005)
Carol of the Bells
Carol, with lullaby ,
Carpe Diem (Menschen suchen, fragen, schauen)
Carried To The Table (2006), (2006), (2006)
Carry me (Where was I?) (2001)
Carry me (You take me by the hand) (2000)
Carry the fire (In these days of darkness) (1994), (1994)
Cast your burdens unto Jesus
Catch Every Teardrop (I fell asleep at the wheel) (2012)
Cathedral Made Of People (2008), (2008)
Cause I am here today (2016)
Cause me to come (1974)
Celebrate (2019)
Celebrate (Celebrate His love) (2005)
Celebrate (There's a song that's rising up) (2006)
Celebrate Jesus (1988)
Celebrate​​​​​​​ the beauty (2010), (2010), (2010)
Celebrate the Lord of love (Trade your heavy heart) (1995), (1995)
Celtic Carol
Celtic Halleluja
Celtic Wedding Blessing ,
Center Of It All (If I have you) (2012), (2012), (2012), (2012)
Centre (Oh, Christ, be the center of our lives) (2006), (2006)
Centre of it all (In the beginning) (2007)
Certainly, Lord
Chains are broken (Through the grace of my Saviour) (2011)
Chakreni el (Erforsche mich, Gott) ,
Challenge (Sometimes life is a maze) ,
Change my heart, Oh God (1982)
Chäsäd lachäm w'schalom (Gnade sei mit euch) ,
Chase (Hiding from Your face) (2012), (2012), (2012)
Cherubinischer Lobgesang
Child in a manger (1978)
Child in the manger ,
Child of God (1997)
Child Of God (With Every Breath) (1999)
Children of God
Children of Jerusalem (Children's Praise)
Children of the cross (God is raising up an army) (1997)
Chill and cold and flakes of snow (Scenes) (2007), (2007), (2007), (2007), (2007)
Chönig vo mim Herz
Christ be all around me (As I rise) (2014), (2014), (2014), (2014)
Christ be beside me ,
Christ be in my waking (2011), (2011)
Christ Be With Me (St Patrick's Prayer) (2018), (2018), (2018)
Christ for me! (2008)
Christ fuhr gen Himmel (1480), (1567)
Christ fur gen Himmel (1480), (1545)
Christ Has Set Me Free (You open horizons in my life) (2011)
Christ in me (Spirit of heaven) (2007), (2007)
Christ is enough (2012), (2012)
Christ is made the sure foundation (Westminster Abbey) (1861)
Christ is risen (Let no one caught) (2009), (2009)
Christ is risen (Love's work is done) (1989)
Christ is risen He is risen indeed (2012), (2012), (2012)
Christ is risen! hallelujah
Christ is surely coming (1901)
Christ is the answer (1943)
Christ is the King. O friends rejoice. (1931)
Christ is the one who calls (Love unknown)
Christ Is the World's Light (1969)
Christ is the world's true light
Christ ist der Weg, das Licht, die Pfort (1524)
Christ ist erstanden
Christ ist erstanden (Kanon)
Christ ist erstanden (Kanon)
Christ ist erstanden (Kanon)
Christ ist erstanden (Kanon)
Christ ist erstanden von der Marter alle
Christ ist erstanden! Halleluja!
Christ ist erstanden! Halleluja! (Kanon)
Christ ist geboren / Jesus ist geboren , (1981)
Christ Kyrie
Christ lag in Todesbanden (1524)
Christ the Lord is risen today (1739)
Christ the way of life possess me (1988)
Christ triumphant, ever reigning (1964)
Christ was raised
Christ, der Herr, ist auferstanden (1987), (1987)
Christ, der Herr, ist auferstanden, lebt als Sieger über Satans Nacht
Christ, der Herr, ist heut erstanden (1972)
Christ, lass dich erbitten
Christ, unser Heiland, kam
Christ, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam (1541)
Christ, whose bruises heal our wounds (2015)
Christ, whose glory fills the skies (1740)
Christe Salvator
Christe, der du bist Tag und Licht , (1526)
Christe, der du trägst die Sünd der Welt
Christe, du bist der helle Tag (1536)
Christe, du Lamm Gottes (1528), (1528)
Christe, du Lamm Gottes
Christe, du Lamm Gottes , (1964)
Christe, du Lamm Gottes (1528), (1528)
Christe, du Lamm Gottes (Kanon)
Christe, du Lamm Gottes (Kanon)
Christe, du Schöpfer aller Welt (1875)
Christen erwacht!
Christen erwarten in allerlei Fällen (1714)
Christen sind ein göttlich Volk
Christen und Heiden (Menschen gehen zu Gott in ihrer Not) (1944)
Christen, lasst uns Gutes tun (1767)
Christen, preiset im Lob
Christi Blut und Gerechtigkeit (1638), (1739), (1778)
Christi Jugend, auf zum Streit!
Christi Kreuz vor Augen (2005)
Christi Mutter stand mit Schmerzen (1847)
Christi Schäflein, schlaf im Friede
Christians Awake (Yorkshire) (1749)
Christmas is the old man's hat
Christmas Miracle (Counselor, Immanuel) (2016)
Christmas Night (1987)
Christmas time (We wait all through the year) (2000), (2000)
Christum wir sollen loben schon (1524)
Christus braucht Menschen Unbekannt
Christus dem Herrn (Der Rufer in der Wüste)
Christus der ist mein Leben (1608)
Christus fährt auf mit Freudenschall
Christus für dich, Christus für mich
Christus hält mich fest , (2014)
Christus hat den Tod besiegt, Halleluja (1998)
Christus hat so viele Namen
Christus im Zentrum
Christus ist auferstanden ,
Christus ist auferstanden (Kanon)
Christus ist auferstanden, er ist wahrhaftig auferstanden (Kanon)
Christus ist auferstanden, Halleluja
Christus ist auferstanden, ja, er ist wahrhaftig auferstanden
Christus ist auferstanden, wahrhaftig auferstanden (Kanon) , (1983)
Christus ist auferstanden! Freud ist in allen Landen (1623), (1983)
Christus ist der erste neue Mensch (1986)
Christus ist der Herr der Schöpfung (1991)
Christus ist die Lebensquelle
Christus ist erstanden! O Freut euch, Christen (1807)
Christus ist erstanden! Von des Todes Banden (1812)
Christus ist erstanden. Halleluja , (1975), (1983)
Christus ist Felsen
Christus ist geboren (Kanon) (1968)
Christus ist geboren heut (Kanon)
Christus ist geboren heute (Kanon)
Christus ist geboren. Halleluja (Kanon) (1983)
Christus ist König, jubelt laut (1983)
Christus ist mein Herr ,
Christus ist nicht mehr tot
Christus ist Sieger
Christus ist unser Friede
Christus ist vom Tod erstanden
Christus ist vom Tod erstanden (1995)
Christus kam zur Erde (1972)
Christus lebt (2014)
Christus lebt, drum lasst das Jammern (1972)
Christus lud die Seinen alle (1986), (2002)
Christus nahm dem Tod die Macht (1985)
Christus nahm euch an (1977)
Christus resurrexit
Christus ruft die deutsche Jugend Unbekannt
Christus sehn ,
Christus sei dein Leben
Christus Sieger (2000)
Christus Sieger, Christus König
Christus spricht (Kanon)
Christus spricht: Hört auf mich (1993)
Christus spricht: Ich bin die Auferstehung
Christus über alles lieben
Christus Victor (See the mighty battle Jesus has won) (2011)
Christus vincit
Christus war für uns gehorsam
Christus werde hoch gepriesen (Kanon)
Christus wird geboren (1980)
Christus wurde uns geboren (2008)
Christus, A und O
Christus, Antlitz Gottes (2008), (2008)
Christus, das Licht der Welt (1972), (1972)
Christus, das Licht der Welt (1972), (1972)
Christus, de is mien Läben (1916)
Christus, Dein Glanz durchbricht
Christus, dein Licht , (1992)
Christus, dem Herren, dientest du als Herold
Christus, der Herr aller Welt (Unser gemeinsamer Herr) (1991)
Christus, der uns selig macht (1531)
Christus, der verheißene Erretter
Christus, du bist der helle Tag (1969)
Christus, du bist mein Licht
Christus, du bist uns Licht und Tag (1952)
Christus, du Gegenwart – dein ist die Zeit
Christus, Du Gotteslamm (2004)
Christus, du Herrscher (1975)
Christus, Du Lamm Gottes (2014)
Christus, du Licht vom wahren Licht
Christus, Du Sonne unsres Heils
Christus, erbarme dich
Christus, gestorben
Christus, Gottes Lamm
Christus, Gottes Lamm (Agnus Dei)
Christus, Gotteslamm (1975)
Christus, göttlicher Herr
Christus, Herr, Hirte und Freund (2001)
Christus, hör uns an (1970)
Christus, höre uns (1997)
Christus, Mitte unsres Lebens
Christus, unser König (2016)
Christus, unser Leben
Christus, unsere Hoffnung ,
Christus, zeig uns Wege
Chumm, mir wönd em Heiland singe (1953)
Church In The Wildwood (1857)
Church on fire (1997)
Ciao, ciao Langeweile ,
City of God (1981)
City of God, how broad and far (1860)
City On A Hill (2014), (2014)
Clap your hands (2006)
Clap Your Hands You People All (Ephraim)
Clean (2018), (2018), (2018)
Clean (I see shattered) (2015)
Cleanse me from my sin, Lord
Climb Ev'ry Mountain (1959)
Climbin' up the mountain
Clinging to the cross (My soul is weak) (2007), (2007)
Close (In the arms of the Father) (2013), (2013)
Close to God's footprints
Close To Thee (1874)
Close to You (I'm grateful for the way) (2001)
Close To Your Heart (2013), (2013)
Closer (There is no life without You) (2012), (2012), (2012)
Closer (Your love has ravished my heart) (2012)
Closer still (Draw me closer to you) (1999)
Closer to You (1991)
Clothed With Splendour And Majesty (Awesome God) (1999), (1999)
Come (don't delay any longer) (1996)
Come Alive (2019), (2019), (2019)
Come Alive (Dry Bones) (2012), (2012)
Come All Who Are Weary (Everlasting Arms) (2007)
Come all you people
Come And Fill Me Up (I can feel You) (1990)
Come and go with me
Come and go with me
Come and join the celebration (1972)
Come And Listen (2005)
Come And Meet The Lord (Spirit Of The Lord) (2004)
Come and praise God (Halaluhu)
Come and praise Him royal priesthood (1977)
Come and praise the living God (1982)
Come and satisfy (Father, like rain from the skies) (1993), (1993)
Come and see (2013), (2013), (2013), (2013)
Come and see the shining hope (Marching Through Georgia)
Come As You Are (2014), (2014), (2014)
Come as You are (2016), (2016), (2016)
Come back
Come bless the Lord
Come by here my Lord
Come Closer to Me ,
Come down, O Love divine (1867)
Come For Me (Jesus Come Take Me Away) (2006)
Come Holy Spirit (1999)
Come Holy Spirit (1993)
Come Holy Spirit
Come Home
Come Home, out of the middle (2007)
Come Into His Presence (2010)
Come into the heavenlies (1992)
Come into the Holy of Holies (1984)
Come into the house of the Lord
Come into the middle of us
Come join us in our circle
Come let us bow down in worship (1985)
Come let us praise the Lord (Chilean Venite) (1981)
Come let us return (1993)
Come let us sing (2005)
Come Let Us Sing (2003), (2003)
Come let us sing for joy (1985)
Come let us sing for joy to the Lord (1987)
Come let us worship (2001)
Come let us worship our Redeemer
Come Like A Fire (Revive us) (2018), (2018), (2018), (2018), (2018), (2018)
Come Morning (1978)
Come near to me (My heart cries out for more of You Lord) (1998)
Come now with awe (1975)
Come O Spirit Of The Fear Of The Lord (2005)
Come on and celebrate (1984), (1984)
Come on and sing
Come on into the house of the Lord
Come on, let your heart rejoice (2001)
Come On, Let's Go, Let's Celebrate
Come on, rejoice, and let your heart sing (1977)
Come out of darkness (1996), (1996)
Come praise and glorify (2011), (2011)
Come satisfy us (2010)
Come See (2006), (2006), (2006), (2006), (2006)
Come see the beauty of the Lord (1985)
Come surprise us (2018), (2018), (2018), (2018)
Come Thou Fount (Jesus Fount) , (1758), (2016)
Come Thou Fount Come Thou King (1758), (2005)
Come to Jesus (Nothing can separate you from His love) (2011)
Come To Jesus (Weak and wounded sinner - Untitled Hymn) (2003)
Come To Me (I am the Lord your God) (2011), (2011)
Come To Me all who are weary (Quiet You With My Love) (2002), (2002)
Come to Me all you who are weary (2007)
Come to my rescue (2005), (2005), (2005)
Come To The Light (I'm standing here to testify) (1993)
Come to the power (A mighty fortress) (1996)
Come To The River (2013), (2013), (2013), (2013)
Come to the table (Turn your face to Him) (1999)
Come to the water , (2015), (2015), (2015)
Come To The Water (Come all you who are thirsty) (2015), (2015), (2015)
Come to the water (There's a war going on) (2008)
Come to the waters (1975)
Come to us (You've placed a hunger in my heart) (1999)
Come Unto Me
Come watch with us (1989)
Come with thy sins to the fountain (Haste thou away) (1885)
Come ye faithful raise the anthem ,
Come, hold me (Like an eagle) (2001)
Come, Holy Ghost (2001)
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire ,
Come, Holy Spirit Descend On Us (1995), (1995)
Come, holy spirit we need you
Come, let us enter in now (Come let us enter) (2008), (2008), (2008)
Come, let us join our cheerful songs (Nativity)
Come, let us return (Gloria) (2008), (2008)
Come, let us sing of a wonderful love (Wonderful Love)
Come, let us worship Christ (1982)
Come, Lord Jesus (2016), (2016), (2016)
Come, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come (2013), (2013)
Come, Lord, Come (2005), (2005)
Come, my soul, and praise the Lord (1992)
Come, now is the time to worship (1998)
Come, o come and fill this temple (1979)
Come, people of the risen King (2007), (2007), (2007)
Come, praise the Lord (2003)
Come, see the child
Come, see the Lord (Breathtaking Splendour) (2000)
Come, see the Son (2009)
Come, see this glorious Light (Blessing and honour) (1999)
Come, sing the praise of Jesus (1987)
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing (1758)
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus (1744)
Come, wounded Healer (2000)
Come, ye thankful people, come (St. George's Windsor) (1844)
Coming Back (Come, free me, O Lord) (1994)
Communion (This is the body) (2005), (2005), (2005), (2005), (2005)
Companion (You are the One) (2018), (2018)
Compassion Hymn (2008), (2008), (2008)
Con alegria lasst uns singen ,
Condemnation Falls Away (Greatest Gift) (2005), (2005)
Confidence we have confidence (1994)
Confitemini Domino quoniam bonus
Consider the Stars (2015), (2015), (2015)
Convenite homines (2005)
Cool cool ganz schön cool (Bin ich richtig angezogen) , (1992)
Cool sein, aber nicht kalt (2014)
Cool, superspitzenklasse, einwandfrei (2012), (2012)
Cornerstone (My hope is built on nothing less) , (2011), (2011), (2011)
Could we live like Your grace? (We could change the world) (2011), (2011), (2011)
Counting On Your Name (2010), (2010), (2010)
Covenant of grace (The wonder of Your mercy) (1999)
Coventry Carol (Lully, lullay) (1534)
Cover me (2000), (2000)
Crack kids, track kids (Hookers and Robbers) (2007)
Cradle song (1978)
Cradled in a manger
Create in me (2014), (2014), (2014)
Create in me a clean heart
Create in me a clean heart (Wash me, cleanse me)
Create in me a pure heart (1995)
Created To Worship (You formed us from the dust) (2002)
Creation brings an offering (On the third day) (2006), (2006)
Creation is awaiting (1995), (1995)
Creation Praise (God of the mountains) (2001), (2001), (2001)
Creation sings the Father's song (2008), (2008), (2008)
Creator of the stars (1993)
Creator, sustainer (Wonderful) (2008), (2008)
CREDO - Ich glaube (2016)
Credo - War eine Zeit
Credo (Ich glaube an Gott)
Credo (Kanon)
Credo (Kanon)
Credo in unum Deum
Credo in unum Deum (Kanon)
Crimson Blood (Because Of Love) (2006)
Cross Of Jesus (2003), (2003)
Crown Him (Majesty) (1851), (1874), (2013), (2013), (2013)
Crown Him (Tribes Praising) (2005), (2005)
Crown Him King of Kings (1991)
Crown Him with many crowns (1851), (1874)
Crowns (2016), (2016), (2016)
Crucem tuam
Crucified (2018), (2018)
Cry of My Heart (1991)
Cry Out To Jesus (2005), (2005), (2005), (2005), (2005)
Crying out to You (I need You now) (1998)
Crying seems to hurt me (Bloom again) (2004)